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Self-Defense Training for Children

Teaching the kids with martial arts is a very challenging task especially when it comes to preschoolers. They can be very naughty and hard-headed. Good thing is they are very energetic and lively. Therefore, instructors will be able to maximize their lessons in teaching various techniques such as frontal kick, straight punch and a lot more to these young children. Self defense in adult and in children are often the same. However, the method of introducing it might be different since kids have lesser attention span and level of understanding compared to adults.

Some parents believed that martial arts are not advisable to kids since it would only make them more prone to violence especially at school. But then, there are also parents who like to enroll their little ones in training programs in order to develop skills and ability to protect their selves in times of emergency situations. We know for a fact that kidnapping is more common to this age group because most kids are weaker than adults and could not even fight back. However, if your child knows how to use his strength properly and adequately, he will never be taken away so easily by these gangsters. Here are some things that you should consider when you plan to introduce martial arts to your little ones.

First thing of all, explain the entire scenario to your child. Let him understand about the activity that he’s going to engage with so that you will gain his full cooperation ad participation once he agrees. Never force your child to attend practice sessions when he is tired and exhausted. This might lead to worn out especially when you are forcing him to join. Let his own will be followed. Your main role here as a parent is to lead and show him the path but you must not force him according to your own will.

Secondly, once you gain his full cooperation that is the right time for you to go on shopping. It would be best if you will bring your child so that he can also make his own choices. Buy him all the necessary materials that his coach or instructor requires him to bring. This will definitely add to the excitement of the child. During the first two to four sessions, it would be best if you will be watching him in training. This would help in cheering and encouraging the child to keep going and learn a lot.

Thirdly, always remind the kid that martial arts can only be used for personal protection. It is never used in violence or to bully the weak. Let your children know ahead of time that this is also a good form of sports which gained international popularity. A child who starts learning martial arts at a very young age has a lot of advantages when it comes to agility and flexibility. As long as the child attends regular practices and lessons, he will always be able to maintain that flexibility while enhancing his skills, endurance, power and speed.


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