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Teenagers are sending more lewd text messages as a means of securing affection

According to a recent research study by Nina Funnel, lewd text messaging is an accepted practice amongst teenagers in the minor dating culture. Nina Funnel is a professional University of NSW researcher who surveyed hundreds of teenagers between the age group of 15 -18 about the habit of sending lewd texts over cell phones. What she found is shockingly risky.

The foremost reason that Miss Funnel found about racy text messaging amongst teenagers, especially girls is that it guarantees them a safe bridge for the affection of their boyfriends. Girls do this as a secure method to seek pleasure and carry flirtations with the opposite sex without any physical contact.

Most of the teenagers find lewd text messaging as a way of popularizing themselves amongst peers. The researcher added to this that somewhere they are also brainwashed by the new pop culture created by their favorite celebrities and send sexually explicit pictures and videos being fully aware of it. This casual nature of adolescents towards sexual messaging becomes much dangerous when they are conscious of the criminal prosecution followed with it.

Basically, minors have a vulnerable thought process that easily gets influenced. Most of the time, they underestimate the fatal consequences of their behavior for which they are to be fully responsible later. Once they click on the send button, their pictures can get public to several people within moments.

Related to the situation above, a girl named Jessica Miller faced intense social abhorrence when her naked pictures surfaced on her school website. She had sent her naked pictures to her boyfriend while being in a relationship but after her breakup, the boyfriend avenged his insult by hacking the school website and posting Jessica’s pictures there.

For the next five years, she was mocked and teased at her school and called as a slut. This period of social atrocity only made move to another school with her family’s support. Jessica’s parents could not file a police report because they feared that she might get prosecuted for felony obscenity.

Thus, parents who have adolescent kids at home are advised to keep a covert check over their kids and friends through their cell phones. The best method to check their mobile phones secretly is by installing an effective mobile monitoring application in their smartphones.

Talking to them over issues such as cyber-bullying or lewd text messaging should be done sensibly. Parents should make their teenage kids value appropriate usage of their smartphones and be made fully sensitive of drastic results of sexual messaging through mobile phones.


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