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Courier Network News – Don’t Be an Unwitting Accomplice to Crime


A courier network is an excellent (in fact the best) place to get a steady stream of work, especially when it comes to rush jobs. These networks can, however, be used by criminals and fraudsters to find unwitting accomplices. This can be especially problematic as drivers are relied upon for their discretion, speedy deliveries and focus on getting the job done ASAP.

To ensure you steer clear of these shady deals and protect yourself, keep the following pointers in mind.

1. Stick to a trusted courier network – anonymity is the favoured weapon of criminals, and old hands in the business of connecting clients to couriers set up barriers that make it a lot harder for criminals to hide behind a mask of anonymity. A tried-and-true online courier network requires layers of verification, which will turn away crooks, so they are a wise choice to find safe work. The chances of landing a delivery job for crooks is significantly lower on these trusted and reputable systems – so do your research.

2. Cooperate with law enforcement – if ever you should get tangled up in criminal activities without your knowledge, do everything you can to provide any and all information asked of you. Your role as a driver and the fact that you obtained all your jobs from a trusted source ought to provide enough protection, but your attitude will also play a role.

3. Document all transactions – the simple act of keeping long-term records of your deliveries can be a huge blessing if ever you find yourself an unwitting accomplice to criminals. Names, dates, addresses, contact numbers, signatures, time stamps – these little details can be faked by smart crooks, but your professional attitude in documenting all your transactions can nonetheless help. A reputable courier network will collect this information when someone signs up for their services, but it doesn’t hurt to have your own records stored safely in a file cabinet or on a hard drive.

4. Invest in a dashboard camera – not only do dashboard cameras collect evidence when you figure into an accident, but they can also prove to be pretty useful in capturing usable evidence in case you get involved in fraud. This is especially true when you have your recipients sign forms on or in front of your car’s bonnet. This may not sound that common with regular honest folk, but crooks tend to sign off on forms near the road and away from any permanent structure that could be traced back to them.

Keep these tips in mind, from only using a trusted source to properly documenting all transactions, and you will be able to better avoid becoming an unwitting accessory to crime.


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