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Traceroute: Why Is My Website Slow?

Sometimes we face slow response from website as it open slowly in our computer. We think that it is because of server load but actually it is not like that most of the times. If the network connection to server is slow we always face high response time for websites. There are usually 5-20 different Internet Service Providers between our local computer and the server.

Example of Network Path:

Imagine network path is a train route and the destination is Los Angeles. There are many stations between Los Angeles. If the line through Denver is down, it may not be the fault of Los Angeles, but the train still doesn’t get through. Train has to be either re-routed or delayed until Denver is back on the line.

What is Traceroute:

Traceroute shows all of the network hops / stations between our computer and the server, and how long connection took to go through each one. It also shows network time-outs (with ***).

How to find Traceroute:

To find out traceroute is very simple. Go to start menu and open command prompt. Run the following command in command prompt:

“tracert website_name”

Proxy Test for Network Problems:

We can also test and confirm that we are facing network issue by using proxy servers to load our website. Proxy server open our website from a third-party location and ignore / bypass local network issues. If the site open normally through the proxy server then it is confirmed that we are facing a network problem at our end. There are many proxy servers and website are available and you can search them through search engines. We do not want to specify any one of them here in this article.


Proxy server open site more slowly

Many proxy servers do not load Flash or Javascript correctly.

Most of the proxy server do not work on https.


What can we do if we have identified a network problem, this is the most important question. The truth is that we can not do much except sending traceroute copy to our hosting company and to our internet service provider and ask them to re-route traffic to your website through a different network path.

IP Block at Server

Most of the hosting company use firewalls on their server for security. These firewalls block IPs through which malicious activities are reported. Some of them are as follows:

Wrong login authentication for cPanel, Webmail and for FTP.

SQL injection attacks

DDOS attacks

High number of connections to the server.

Obviously there are also false positives results and our IP can get blocked due to false positive. As a result of IP block, we can not open our website. To check whether our IP is blocked, proxy test is most effective. We have mentioned above about the proxy test.


After identifying that our IP is block, we send our IP to the hosting company with the request to unblock it. To find out local IP is very simple. There are many website which can tell us our IP. Please search them on internet, we do not want to mention name of any website here.


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