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Is Technology Making Our Lives Easier, Or Too Easy?

Since the announcement of the iPhone 5S and its new fingerprint password technology, I have been noticing just how much technology is constantly trying to improve itself. The invention of the mobile phone, the television and the internet were all remarkable, and yes, I do believe they have changed the world for the better. Since then, it seems that there has been a constant progression in the developments of technology by companies who are, apparently, trying to make our lives easier.

The invention of the microwave was exceptional in helping those clueless in the kitchen, but now I have managed to find myself a microwave oven. This little gem has so many different settings I do not really know how to even find most of them, but it works as an oven and a microwave. So yes, essentially, I now have two ovens and a microwave (and a hob, slow cooker, griddle, grill etc.) This is quite ridiculous as really my culinary skills do not stretch much further than a jacket potato and beans, but I feel it is nice to know I have an appliance for any task that may arise.

Furthering on from the computer, we now have flat screen computers, laptops and iPads or tablets; as well as interactive televisions, game consoles and even home security systems. The power of internet that is now in the forms of our own wireless broadband connections, public wifi and 3G means that we are now able to connect with each other, and even to our appliances, from anywhere in the world. So much so that I am able to make sure that my heating is on before I have even left work in the evenings! Even our devices are able to connect with each other using the internet, with the invention of wonderful things such as iCloud, all your data from one device (say, your phone) can be stored at home, on your laptop. Gone are the days where you lose all your contacts, and have to actually speak to people!

Technology has undoubtedly improved working relationships and developments beyond belief. Inventions such as a conference voting system is just one example of the progress enabled from the device and internet creations mentioned above. These are excellent ideas that enable a manager, team leader, or spokesperson to interact quickly and directly with their audience without disrupting the whole agenda. This system can connect to an app, and to your iCloud, to make reporting the results from that meeting so easy you will not actually have to do anything but copy and paste! Devices such as these mean that meetings do not have to be caught up in note taking and figure making, but instead can focus on matters in hand, thus making the meeting more efficient, and your workload less.

Things such as video calling have meant that communicating with loved ones all over the world has been so easy, and free! (With an internet connection) It is also an excellent way to reach as many workers as possible, as those who are not physically able to come into the office for the meeting can still be involved. This, however, is not enough for those in the technical world! There is now research being done to make 3D video calling a possibility! That’s right, you may soon be able to have a digital double to go to work for you, or you can virtually visit friends and family wherever they are in the world! Yet, would it not be better to perhaps try to visit them, in person? Or make it to the real life office where you can interact with others physically, rather than on the internet?

All this technology massively helps us all to stay in touch, with each other and other things! Office and working environments are thriving with it, but at home I do worry that it may just be lazy to be able to control your heating from your phone when you are on the bus just so you can be toasty the second you walk through your door? With all these devices making our lives easier, are our lives becoming too easy? Saying that, I am writing this from the sofa in ultimate comfort so I can hardly complain!


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