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What Makes Information Security Important

The importance of the security of your home can never be overstated. Without it, your residence becomes more vulnerable to burglars and unwanted visitors. In this modern, technological world, however, there’s a new form of burglary or break-in that’s virtual in nature: illegal data access.

We’ve heard of hundreds of stories of computers and networks being hacked, which led to big amounts of money getting lost or confidential data falling in the wrong hands. The effects of such illicit acts can cause businesses to cease operation, relationships to break down, and even nations to go to war.

The good news is that sensitive and exclusive information can now be secured from theft and misuse via IT security. Here are some of the most importance reasons for providing information security for businesses:

Protection from internal dangers – Certainly, getting your information and data secured is not only about protecting it from external access. We should consider the possibility of our very own people having access to certain information they’re not supposed to view or get their hands on. You’ve probably heard of a former CIA technical assistant who leaked documents from one of the world’s most famous spy organizations. When setting up your information systems, extra security has to be installed for information that’s supposed to be only for the eyes of select persons.

Security from external risks – Those who pose a threat to a network’s security can be classified into two: amateurs and professionals. The former doesn’t pose much of a threat as they may not be equipped with the knowledge on how to get through sophisticated information security safeguards. The professional kind, however, knows all the tricks and techniques in hacking even the most heavily secured virtual systems in the world.

Peace of mind – As your business’s critical processes, data and intellectual property migrate to the World Wide Web, it also increases its exposure to theft and hacking activities. This entails the setting up of additional and stronger security. Besides, it’s also your business’s responsibility to your customers or clients that your online system be secure from unauthorized access, especially if they have confidential info in your databases. Sleeping at night becomes easier when you know that you have a solid security system installed to protect not only important data, but your very investments.

Securing your information system/s is not only about protecting info and data from theft and misuse; it’s also about practicing risk management and running your operations responsibly.


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