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Diversity Is Important, But Only After There Is Unity

Diversity is a fact. Everyone is different from everyone else. The politically correct buzzword “diversity” seems to pertain only to the color of a person’s skin and his sexual orientation. I can’t understand how either of those things is important to anyone but the person who has the skin or the feeling.

The only diversity that matters is what a person thinks in relation to everyone else, and why.

I’m not interested in diversity until I know I have unity. Once everyone involved with me is united in purpose, then we can begin to pay attention to diversity to look at every available possibility toward betterment.

If everyone has a completely different idea of what America ought to be, then no one is working together to make it better and to solve problems. Only when virtually everyone agrees that America is a place for freedom and responsibility can we use diversity to understand how to use freedom and responsibility to be even more free and more responsible in a continuing ascendancy of increased freedom and responsibility.

Only when virtually everyone in a company agrees what the company is trying to accomplish–by the way that should always be pleasing the customer, pleasing the employees, and innovating and creating to please the customers and employees more and more–can diversity be used to figure out better ways to please customers and employees.

Only when everyone in a family agrees on what the purpose of the family is can diversity of thought and opinion be used to make the family more interesting, more cohesive, and better at offering and receiving love.

Diversity in a group can be of worth only if it is diversity of thought and not of intent. Parts of a ship when taken alone, will sink. But the whole ship when put together–which weighs much more than any of the parts singly–will not sink if in good repair. It is not a matter of weight. It’s a matter of displacement. The parts of the ship cannot decide to go off on their own and “do their thing”. The rudder can’t decide that it doesn’t relate to the engine. Only when all the parts are together and working for the desired result will any of them get anywhere. Apart, they will all sink and turn to junk.

The parts of a ship, or the members of a family, or the people at a profitable and worthy company, or the population of the greatest country ever on Earth are all different, and all are valuable in their diversity in being excellent. All must be valued for what they are. Each does a different thing and all must contribute to arriving at a worthy place, decided upon by leadership.

One of my teachers taught that two of the most powerful forces in the universe are Together and Apart. There are physical forces that hold together or blow apart. It’s amazing to think that a freeway bridge, over which vehicles weighing several tons pass, is made of tiny particles and a lot of space. Only because of the powerful attraction of the atoms does something that is so much space seem so solid and strong. On the other hand, when you try to force together certain atoms that don’t want to be together, they will fly apart so violently that you have a nuclear explosion.

Together and apart are probably the two strongest forces among people also. With people, they are called inclusive and exclusive. We like some people, we don’t like other people. We want to be with some people. We want nothing more than to get away from other people. We want to include some people in our lives and we want to exclude others.

Diversity can force people, families, communities, and nations apart, depending on how it is viewed, or it can bring people together. Please use diversity to help us stay together to get where we should be. How many times have I experienced or heard of people who don’t like other people, but once they get to know them they find out they like them and understand them! How many times have I experienced or heard of groups that think they can’t accomplish their purpose, only to finally be persuaded to consider how everyone thinks the goals ought to be accomplished, and agree to use parts of what many people think to make it happen. Any time we refuse to consider how other people think and what they think, we are short changing ourselves. We can achieve unity and value diversity.


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