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Important Rules for Traveling in a Minicab

A lot of people are used to traveling in taxis, especially in big cities. However, minicabs are a bit different from taxis. Unlike the taxi, a minicab cannot be flagged off on the street. In order to travel in these vehicles, one has to book by telephone, online, or in a registered office that accepts booking. There are usually very many legal minicab companies to choose from, and their rates are very affordable. Most of them operate for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on every day of the year. The following are some of the rules that a passenger must follow when using this form of transportation.

Never use a cab that does not require pre-booking

There are some minicabs that offer to provide transportation services without requiring an advance booking. Such taxicabs are probably illegal. A passenger could put themselves in danger by trusting such a means. There have been a lot of reports of violence and theft on people who used illegal cabs.

Do not travel in an over-packed car

There are some hackney cabs that allow people to share a vehicle if they are traveling in the same direction. These people could be friends who are traveling together, or strangers who are traveling on the same route. However, there is a maximum legal number of passengers that are allowed in any taxicab at any one time. For four door hatchbacks or saloons, the maximum number of passengers if four. For MPVs, the number can be between five and eight.

Only travel in a licensed vehicle

Minicabs have to pay taxes and they have to be official. Unfortunately, some of them try to bypass these rules by avoiding licenses. Travellers are advised to stay away from such cabs. A cab that has a proper license should have a ‘TFL’ sticker on all the windshields. This is what indicates that the vehicle is licensed by the proper authorities.

Negotiate the fee before the journey

Individuals who do not negotiate the fee in advance could get a very bad surprise at the end of the journey. They could be told an unreasonable price that they cannot pay. It is therefore better to negotiate a flat payment before using the vehicle. Travellers who do not agree with the price can find another taxi elsewhere.

Only use reputable companies

Unfortunately, there are a number of minicab companies that are notorious for lateness. It is better to use reputable companies, especially if one has an important meeting or event to attend. For those who are looking for comfort and luxury, there are companies that have chauffeured higher value vehicles that are more comfortable. However, the client may have to pay a little extra for the luxury and courtesy.


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