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A Walk on the Great Wall of China – Life Time Experience for You

Once upon a time the Great China Wall was built to keep the country protected from foreign attack. History says it took 2000 years almost to complete the whole structure. A walk on the Great Wall is not a mere walk it is on the nostalgia and of the glorious past of China. The wall was extended for 2700 miles from the Yellow Sea to Gobi Dessert. The walk means the discovery of the wall from its tourism aspect as well as from its historical aspects.

The tour on the Great Wall of China is comprised of fragmented walk which helps tourists to explore the Wall in its versatile character. The highlight of this tour consists of:

• Visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

• Visiting Old Dragons Head: the point where the Wall has met the sea.

• Visiting Jiaoshan -the eastern section of the wall

• Visiting Panjiakou for a boating course where the wall has crossed waterbody.

• Visiting Eastern Qing Tombs to see Imperial Tomb Complex of the Qing Dynasty near Zunhua

• The tour starts from Simatai and allows the tourists to come back again at Jinshanling.

Tourists may take the entire tour or they make avail some of the parts of the entire program as per their personal discretion.

Stepping out across the peaceful semi-ruin of a section of the Great Wall of China is like walking in the footsteps of the past. Far from the madding tourist crowds we are able to get a great sense of the scale and the majesty of this remarkable piece of engineering without rushing through in a big group. As we trek along various contrasting sections of the wall, both dilapidated and rebuilt stretches; the old sections have a romantic feel, but the new ones may look odd to people who are used to seeing their ancient monuments in a poor state, but since the wall was constructed over a 2000 year period, the new sections are just a continuation of that process. We will get closer to day-to-day life in rural China before returning to Beijing, a city steeped in history yet plunging headlong into modernity.

Tips to enjoy the tour most

It is quite obvious that you will be enjoying the Great Wall for once. It is always wise to keep some specific things to remember so that your walk to China tour becomes the most enjoyable.

It is better to catch the early morning bus going for the wall. You best plan for great wall walk should be completed by one day time. In case you want to go for an extensive tour, always check the reputation of your tour operator.

Keeping care of health is one of the prerequisites of the tour. Take double care so that you take a first aid box with including band aids, anti-nausea medicine, anti-allergic, and anti-cold medicines.

Prefer wearing loose cotton clothes. Do not forget taking scarves if you are visiting the Great Wall of China in summer or in winter. Take sunscreen lotion with you. Prefer a footwear which is covered, light, and have good grip. It will keep your walk safe.


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