The value of CMP garment manufacturing has increased 10-fold in four years and is expected to increase by about $ 5 billion this year, Deputy Minister for Commerce said.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, the value of CMP textile products has increased tenfold in four years and is expected to increase by $ 5 billion this year. Deputy Minister Aung Htoo said.

The deputy minister said in an interview with the state-owned Ministry of Commerce in the fourth year of the Ministry of Commerce.

When the new government took office, the manufacturing value of the garment maker (CMP) was able to generate about $ 500 million with 400,000 jobs.

The value of garment manufacturing (CMP) during the four years of the government has increased tenfold and is expected to increase to around US $ 5 billion in the fourth year of the government, Deputy Minister Aung Htoo said.

At present, about 600,000 workers are created in the garment industry. Of these, about 95 percent have been able to create more employment opportunities for women.

According to an official from the Ministry of Commerce, over $ 2 billion to $ 366 billion from garment exports from October 1 to March 27, 2017, more than $ 200 billion was exported over the same period last year.

The Myanmar garment industry is operated by the CMP system and the garment industry is the largest in the domestic CMP industry. Currently, CMP exports are growing every year.

“Normally, CMP business is growing along the way. Every year there is a growing trend, ”said Khin Maung Lwin, assistant secretary of the Ministry of Commerce.

In 2018 textile sector export value of nearly $ 4 million 6 billion last year and the next in 2024, Myanmar’s garment sector export value is expected to reach $ 10 billion, according to the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association. Are foreign companies to work in Myanmar Most of the manufacturing sector, the textile sector is being accessed.

However, Myanmar is paid by the labor system, which only earns about 10 percent.

“Burma receives its severance pay as income. That’s an average. Some only get about 8%. Some have as many as 12. It’s got to be a little more expensive. Good quality and restraint is around 12%. It is very cheap now, with hundreds of thousands of extras and very low fees. Therefore, the average is 10%, ”he said. Secretary Khine Khaing Nwe said.