What to Know about Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a landlocked country that is steeped in hills, mountains, and continental parts of Central Asia. The official name of the country is Tajikistan, and the official official language of the country is Tajik.

The population of Tajikistan has a population of 9 275,827, with an area of ​​55,300 square miles, and is the 94th largest country in the world. To the south of Tajikistan, Afghanistan To the west, Uzbekistan; It shares borders with Kazakhstan to the east and China to the east.

Dushanbe is not only the largest of Tajikistan but also the capital of the country. Dushanbe means “Monday” from Tajik. Because all of Dushanbe’s history dates back to the capital’s development as a city.

About 93% of the total land area of ​​Tajikistan is hilly and mountainous, with about 50% of the country’s total area located about 9800 feet above sea level. The lower parts of Tajikistan are the Kofarnihon Valley and the Vakhsh Valley in the south and the southern extremities of the region.