The Guys of RANGOON, 1930s film ‘Director’

“The Guys of RANGOON, 1930″ has been offered by many producers for a movie, and the production of SY Production has been sold on May 8, said writer Koz Zaw.

” A lot of manufacturing is coming up. The current well-known manufacturing operations. I had just met him before. I love the way he works his way from the beginning. What about you? Production and Production This takes a lot of money, so I have to choose the manufacturing and talk a lot. They have been negotiating for a week, ”he said.

The book ‘The Guys of RANGOON, 1930’ is being released on May 18, ‘Our Literature’ will be available and 10,000 subscribers are available online through ‘Our Literature’. The book is based on Lanmadaw Poet and is written about the fools in Rangoon in the 1930s.

” Of course, this is not the only movie. They accept that they cannot do so. Not even a series, It will become a car, ”said writer Zaw Zaw.

The story begins. “The end was posted on Facebook, ‘The Guys of RANGOON, 1930’ but he thanked the audience for the record,” he said.

” I will send the book to the end and be brave and boldly publish it. The publisher also asked if it was fearless to publish. Thank you very much. It just doesn’t happen. In about 24 hours, there were about 6,000 orders, ” said Zaw Zaw.

Kyaw Zaw is writing a British motto in English.